Cobourg Alliance Church

The Together Project

In January we introduced the Together series where we discovered God’s calling for us as a church family to press in together and to pour out within our community and the world - keeping Jesus at the centre of it all. As our world is quickly changing and we are told of the need for social distancing, it is amazing to see how our church has continued to crave and cultivate this concept of togetherness.

THE TOGETHER PROJECT is our opportunity to come together, to create, inspire and encourage each other! It's easy and it won't take long - you can do it with your phone, computer or tablet! Your video can be funny, inspiring, or encouraging! Here are some ideas to get you started!
  • You/Your family saying a big hello to CAC
  • Showing what you and/or your family are doing in order to press into God and each other.
  • Sharing what you and/or your family are doing in order to pour into your community/family
We will be posting the culminated video once everyone has had a chance to submit their part! So make sure you follow us on social media and subscribe to the CAC newsletter!

Submit Your Videos