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  • Sep6Wed

    Fall Service Times & Locations

    September 6, 2017

    The fall has arrived and we are excited for our times together in worship.  We have made a slight time change on Sunday morning from 9:15am to 9:00am to give a little more time in-between our two services so that you can connect with folks in our Fireside Cafe between services and also to alleviate some of the over crowdedness in our main lobby. Our hope is that whether you participate in the Saturday evening service at the CCC or you join us on Sunday morning at one of our two services, that you will connect in a meaningful way with God and others.  

    We hope to connect more with you in this coming year!  

    Saturday night at the Cobourg Community Centre
    5:00pm: We gather for a meal, worship & message + Kids' program. 

    Download the Community Meal Card for dates, details and themes.

    Sunday Morning at Cobourg Alliance Church
    9:00am :  Worship Service +  Kids' programs
    11:00am:  Worship Service + Kids' programs