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  • Jan6Mon

    BTRS January/February 2020 Update

    January 6, 2020

    January/February 2020

    An Anniversary!

    January 2020 marks the 5th anniversary of the birth of the Better Together Refugee Sponsorship project – a project that brought a whole community together to support 7 refugee families.

    The photo was taken in 2015 and represents an even greater number of individuals, churches, families and community groups who gave considerable time, energy and focus to planning, learning, training, wrestling through personal expectations, preparing and everything else that came along with anticipating a year-long supporting of refugee families to Northumberland.

    These 5 years have held triumphs and tears, challenges and victories, high adrenaline and sheer exhaustion. And that was just for the locals who were involved! How much more for the 7 families who have made Canada their new home – not because they wanted to leave their own homes, but because they had to.

    We are so thankful for how God has equipped, empowered, overseen and blessed these years! And we excitedly anticipate the new things He’s working on in our community as it has changed over these past 5 years.