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  • Dec17Mon

    BTRS December Update

    December 17, 2018

    Thank you for your prayers and support of Better Together Refugee Sponsorship over the past four years. With your support and with many miracles and answered prayer, six vulnerable families are in a much safer place this Christmas. And one more family is living with the hope and anticipation of coming soon as their application is being processed.

    Over the years of working on this project we have seen a community come together in very unique and beautiful ways.

    • People of different walks of life, different faiths, different values working together with a common purpose and becoming friends
    • Strangers greeting strangers at a local store and welcoming them to the community by offering to pay for their purchases
    • Newcomers saying in broken English to their support people, “You are my family”, and “We are like father and son”
    • Muslims and Christians gathering for meals together and talking about faith
    • Eight different churches, eight different denominations partnering in prayer at monthly prayer gatherings

    Every one of you that has been a part of BTRS in any capacity – you are so appreciated! You are in our prayers and we thank God for you! 

    Blessings this Christmas from BTRS!!!