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  • Apr9Tue

    BTRS April Update

    April 9, 2019

    April 2019

    UPDATE ON FAMILY 5 (the final BTRS sponsored family waiting to come)…

    Dad had his interview with the Canadian Embassy in January. This is a positive step and means that their application is in process. We still don’t know when they will travel to Canada but dad says the embassy assured him that, if their application is approved, the family would travel together even though they are currently in two different countries.

    Last year around this time, we prayed for a miracle to get family 7 here and God answered spectacularly! Let’s pray this family here now!

    Here is a bit of Family 5’s story:

    The family of five escaped from Syria to a neighbouring country to find safety. Mom, Dad, sons (15 & 7), and daughter (13) connected with a church in their new, temporary country and have been growing in their Christian faith. However, in that country they have no legal status to work, go to school, etc.

    While there, Dad experienced persecution and deportation back to Syria, leaving his wife and children vulnerable and alone. Dad is not able to go back to where his family is but was able to get out of Syria again to another country.

    Dad hasn’t been able to be with his family for a long time now and it is hurting his family. The children cry for their father. Mom has requested extra emotional support for them when they arrive here.

    The application process has been slowed because the family is in two different countries.

    Please pray:

    • Favour amongst the officials who are processing their application and speedy processing
    • Smooth communication and transfer of information across borders
    • Encouragement, faith and endurance as they continue to wait
    • Protection over this family – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
    • Equipping of the support team here to be able to give good attention to all their needs when they arrive