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  • Oct5Fri

    Better Together Update - October

    October 5, 2018

    Our three newest families are beginning to transition from the basic need to stabilize (finding a home, getting kids in school, knowing how to do basic things) to the journey of recovery. Recovery, which will be ongoing, includes and is successful when they can build community, personal capacity, a sense of emotional well-being and belonging. 

    We, as the church community, have the unique potential to contribute positively to these families’ recovery, through prayer and friendship. Please continue to pray for these families. And, if you would like to meet them/get to know them, contact BTRS to find out how. Maybe your small group would like to invite a family for an outing or a meal. It will make a difference in their lives and yours!

    Another important part of recovery work is strengthening faith. For the two Christian families, this includes finding community with other believers and a church fellowship as well as discerning God’s call on their lives here in Canada. Again, we the church, are uniquely equipped to help meet this need. If you see one of the families attending your church, please greet them, welcome them, let them know you are happy to have them there. Ask them about their faith journey/testimony. Your interest is a huge encouragement to them!