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  • Jun20Wed

    Better Together June Update

    June 20, 2018

    Family 4

    Praise God for answered prayer! The paperwork issues that postponed family 4’s arrival for a week were resolved and they (mom, dad & 3 year old daughter) arrived, exhausted but expectant in the first week of June.

    Please pray:

    • For a continued sense of peace and safety as they settle
    • For suitable permanent housing
    • That they continue to sense God’s leading and call for His purposes for their life here in Canada
    • For the team to be equipped with the energy, wisdom, discernment and balance to serve this family well

    Family 7

    A few weeks ago we received some very concerning news that would likely jeopardize family 7’s application. The threat of deportation of the husband (related to their Christian faith) has become a reality unless their application process and flight arrangements to Canada can be completed by the end of this month. God is definitely at work! In answer to prayer, we received news that all the immigration procedures have been completed except the security check and the lady who interviewed them was very understanding of the husband’s situation and promised to try to finish all the procedures before his deportation date. But it will take a miracle!

    Please pray:

    • For continued favour from the officials who are processing the final steps of the application
    • That no more obstacles will get in the way of them getting on a plane for Canada before the deportation date
    • For the team as they prepare to welcome this family
    • That all who hear will know that God has done this!!! Psalm 109:27 "Let them know that it is your hand, that you, O Lord, have done it"!!! 


    May 2018

    Family 4

    We rejoice this month with the news of Family 4's arrival at the end of May. This family (dad, mom and toddler-aged daughter) has had ongoing serious (life-threatening) safety concerns related to their Christian faith (which is why they are refugees). For that reason, we cannot give any identifying information. 

    Please pray for healing for the ongoing trauma they have experienced and for the building up of restorative relationships between this family and the Muslim families that are here. Pray for team 4 to be equipped to serve this family well.

    Ramadan (May 16 – June 14)

    Did you know…

    • There are Muslims in our community from many different parts of the world – Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, and more.
    • During Ramadan these families meet once a week at the Cobourg Community Centre to pray together.
    • Jesus is revealing Himself to approximately 1 in 3 Muslims around the world in dreams and visions.

    Please pray for the Muslims in our community during Ramadan – that Jesus would reveal Himself and His truth to them as they spend focused time in prayer.


    March 2018

    As we approach Easter and remember the cross and resurrection, let’s remember that “your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish” (Matthew 18:14).

    This month, please pray for our sponsored families. May they come to know and experience Jesus as their Saviour.



    February 2018


    • Families 4 & 5 completed their interviews with the Canadian Embassy in January. They have been told that their next step is to complete their comprehensive medical check-ups. This is good news – it indicates that the interviews went well. It also means that one more step has been completed in the rigorous vetting process by the Canadian government. It still could take several more months before the whole process is complete and they arrive here.

     February Prayer Focus:

    Families 4 & 5

    • Favour as they continue to complete each step of the process
    • Safety as they wait in very challenging circumstances
    • That God would prepare them physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually for this big move/change

    Teams 4 & 5

    • For equipping as they prepare (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) to receive these families
    • For unity, cohesion and strong communication within the team


    January 2018

    • Family 3 just completed the 1 year sponsorship in December – settling well into community; husband has job
    • Families 1 and 2 completed sponsorship last February – family 1 moved to Ottawa, family 2 well settled in Cobourg
    • Still waiting for 4 families
    • 2 of those families have interviews with the Canadian Embassy in Jordan this month. This interview is required to assess eligibility and admissibility to Canada. If the determination is positive, the next step for the families is their medical check-ups. More security screening and verification of information by the embassy also needs to happen. All in all, we could still be looking at several months before they arrive here.

    Prayer points:

    • Continued healthy integration into their new life for the families who have already come
    • For the Lord’s favour on the 2 families who have their interviews in Jordan this month – that all documentation is complete so as not to cause delays, that the follow-up will be efficient and favourable for our families, for God’s timing for their arrival here.