Cobourg Alliance Church


What is Church Online like?

Church Online is a safe and welcoming community where you can connect with others. It is a video broadcast of our weekly message with real-time communication through online chat and prayer. Each service includes worship music, prayer, a weekly message and highlights to keep you updated about things that matter in your life. It’s similar to attending church at our physical locations, except it’s online!

Is Church Online real church?

Yes! Virtual is not the opposite of real. It’s the opposite of physical. They are both real! When we gather online it is a real gathering. The stories we share and the connections we have, even through a video call, a live chat, or social media posts, they are real connections. This doesn’t mean that church online will replace church in person, instead it can allow for greater access and engagement, especially during a time when we are unable to gather in person.

Where do I find Church Online?


What are the benefits of creating an account?

When you create a church online account you can customize your profile photo and secure your nickname permanently on the chat.
You can also receive occasional emails regarding events and new features specific to the church online community.

Do I have to create an account to join the discussion?

No. If you prefer to join the discussion without creating an account, that’s ok too! You can start by typing a nickname, which will create a temporary profile for the duration of the service.

What is the REQUEST PRAYER button?

The request prayer button is a way to request live text prayer during the service. When you click or tap the request prayer button you will be connected to someone from the Cobourg Alliance Church prayer team in a private chat space within the Church Online platform.  You may request a phone call or email when you connect, if you prefer.

What other features should I know about?

In addition to private prayer and interacting during the Livestream, you can also access the Bible and message notes (when available) inside Church Online. Look for the tab beside CHAT to see NOTES, BIBLE and SCHEDULE.  If you don't see the notes try refreshing your screen.   

Why can't I pause or restart the video?

Our broadcast is a LIVE stream. All viewers are watching the same experience, at the same time. This helps everyone remain in sync and keeps the discussion relevant for each moment in the broadcast. If you miss a portion of the service you can watch on-demand after the service ends.  You'll find past messages on the CAC YouTube channel.

Is my privacy protected?

Personal information gathered by our organization is kept in confidence. Our personnel are authorized to access personal information based only on their need to deal with it for the reason(s) for which it was obtained. Safeguards are in place to ensure that personal information is not disclosed or shared more widely than is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was gathered. We also take measures to ensure that the integrity of personal information is maintained and retained only as long as it is required.

What if the video has no or low volume?

Your volume levels are determined by the settings your on device and by the default volume levels of our video player. On some devices the volume will start muted, with an overlay asking you to “click to unmute”. For other viewers, you can hover over the video and click on the bottom right corner of the screen to adjust the levels in the volume bar. Please refer to the images below.

What if the video has trouble playing?

Many factors can influence video playback, including some that pertain to your computer or device. If you’re not getting the best live viewing experience, you might want to try these simple fixes.

1. REFRESH & RESTART: The first step in resolving technical issues is to refresh your browser. If refresh does not resolve the issue try restarting your device.

2. Switch to a LOWER VIDEO QUALITY: Auto mode automatically adjusts to the best quality of video for your current Internet connection and processing speed. We recommend using this default setting to avoid buffering delays.

The video player can be switched manually to a lower resolution by clicking on the cog wheel ⚙️ icon button when hovering (or pressing) the video. This will open up a menu that allows you to select a lower quality. There are 3 video options available: 1080p (full HD), 486p and 144p. We recommend viewing on the lowest video quality setting if your internet speed is slow or unstable.


The office is closed during COVID-19. Staff will continue to be available by text and email.

You can reach pastoral staff by email or the mobile phone numbers listed below.

Tyler Tavares - (905) 207-7575


During the April 2021 lockdown, we will be gathering together online!

Kids' Experience: 9am
Worship Service: 10am