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For The Nations has a deep passion to share the love of Jesus—especially among Arabic-speaking people—by establishing Arabic house groups in Northumberland and surrounding regions.
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Northumberland Promise
is a cooperative outreach consisting of local churches seeking to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to children, young people and their parents in public housing communities.
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Northumberland Youth Unlimited
(Youth For Christ) serves young people ages 8-25 in Northumberland County including Cobourg, Port Hope and Campbellford through programs such as Created to Create (arts), One Eighty (drop-in), Passages: confronting the plight of refugees, Team Chaplain for the Cobourg Cougars Junior ‘A’ hockey club,  one-on-one mentorships, school partnerships, and special events. NYU’s vision is "that, wherever we operate, youth will realize that they are valued, experience meaningful relationships, receive lasting hope for their future and discover their full potential as God designed it.”
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Beginnings Family Services offers a variety of programs and support including pregnancy testing, parenting assistance, counseling, infertility support, adoption, and educational support for parents and caregivers from prenatal, to newborn to infant. Beginnings is based in Hamilton with branches in Woodstock, Guelph, Hamilton, as well as Cobourg.
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Better Together Refugee Sponsorship Initiative is an initiative of several area churches which launched in February, 2013 as a 6-week pastor rotation culminating in a Good Friday service which raised over $50,000 for Habitat for Humanity, with the goal of showing to the community and to ourselves that we are better, stronger, and more equipped to achieve our vision when we work together. In January 2016 a 4-week pastor rotation involving eight churches coincided with the sponsorship of Syrian refugee families which took the name Better Together Refugee Sponsorship.


Dan and Jenica VanEssen (Mexico City)

Dan and Jenica VanEssen are currently attending Spanish language school in Costa Rica in preparation for their mission to Mexico City beginning in August 2016.   They, along with their two young boys, Elliot and Arie are leaning on the Lord for strength and guidance as they take on the challenges of missionary work in a foreign culture, away from home and family.  Dan and Jenica are seeking both prayer intercessory team members as well as financial support to their mission.   For more information and to subscribe to their regular update click on the link below.
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Jesse and Priscilla Wong (Rwanda)

Dr. Jesse and Priscilla Wong and their two boys, Ethan and Oliver, have been serving the Lord at the Kibogora Hospital in Rwanda since November 2014.   Jesse provides dental services to the local population and manages the dental clinic at the hospital.   Jesse and Priscilla also provide spiritual discipleship at every opportunity they get.   Priscilla home schools the boys and works with children in the Region.   For more current and up-to-date information, check out their website and blog below.

Jonathan and Roccio Mike's (Mexico City)

Jonathan and Roccio and their two children, Sara and Daniel are serving the Lord in Mexico City at Lafuente Church.  CAC has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with the Mike’s through ongoing financial support and sending short-term teams to serve alongside them at different points. 
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Burnett Family (Thailand)

Derek and Bonnie Burnett and their 3 children have been serving with the C&MA in Thailand since 1999.  After serving in Chiang Mai for 7 years, they have now planted an international church in Phuket, which has grown in a short time from 12 to 50 members.  Their work includes a special ministry to Russians who have come to Thailand.


The office is closed during COVID-19. Staff will continue to be available by text and email.

You can reach pastoral staff by email or the mobile phone numbers listed below.

Tyler Tavares - (905) 207-7575


During the April 2021 lockdown, we will be gathering together online!

Kids' Experience: 9am
Worship Service: 10am