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Please register below to participate in the Happy Feet Netflix Family Movie Night We will send you a link to the movie on Friday, January 22 at approx 6:30pm
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Movie Reviews: Common Sense Media | Plugged'n

Netflix Party | Teleparty

What is a Netflix Party?
A Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that lets you watch videos and chat with your friends at the same time using your separate Netflix accounts.

Do I need to have a Netflix Account?

Where do I get the Chrome extension?
Download the extension here prior to the start of the movie. *ONLY available on Chrome browsers on desktop or laptop computers.

How Do I Join a Netflix Party?
To join a party, make sure you are signup in advance using the form above.  We'll send you the link to the party at 6:40pm. Once you have the link you can copy/paste or click to open your Chrome Browser. You should see the "NP" button at the top right side of your browser window next to the address bar. *IMPORTANT, you must have your own Netflix account and be logged in prior to joining the party.  If you have trouble, try logging into your Netflix account before clicking on the movie link.  Need help? Email

Can I customize my username and user icon?
Yes, we recommend that you customize your Netflix party username icon and nickname when you log in to help us identify you as part of our party. You can pick from what is available or upload screenshots, emojis and GIFs for even more excitement!

What if I want to watch the movie on my TV?
You can log into the Netflix Party and your TV and start the movie at the same time.  Mute your device to access the chat and watch the movie on the big screen.



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